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Diesel common rail system parts
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RE560091 Suction Control Valve fitting on John Deere| Ningbo Henshine

RE560091-John Deere Control Valve Replaced by DZ111137, Replaces RE534109, RE532250,Suction Control Valve OEM & ODM
Ningbo Henshine Precision Machinery Co., Ltd
Used on Fuel Injection Pump with Dens. Num. 29**00-0560,29**00-0562,29**00-0564
John Deere Pump Num. :
RE527528 NLA; ORDER RE507959;Replace RE522595
RE507959 SE501916 Remanufacture RE527528
  • RE560091
  • Henshine
  • 8481803990
  • NEW
  • RE560091
  • RE534109, RE532250, DZ111137
  • Usage for John Deere
  • 1 year
  • Iron and plastic
  • 1-3 days
  • gray and silver
  • High Quality
  • John Deere 130G 160DLC & etc.
  • RE534109, RE532250, DZ111137
  • Suction Control Valve SCV
  • N/A
  • Netural

Suction Control Valve

RE560091 Suction Control Valve fitting on John Deere| Ningbo Henshine

+Diesel Common Rail System/Fuel System

  -Components of Injection Pump/Fuel Supply Pump

   --SCV Valve/Suction Control Valve

Ningbo Henshine Precision Machinery Co., Ltd

Detailed Photo:

RE560091 John Deere Control Valve

FIGURE 1: Usage for John Deere Injection Pump Suction Control Valve RE560091 Henshine Wholesale OEM

(Courtesy of Ningbo Henshine Precision Machinery Co., Ltd)

RE560091 John Deere Control Valve 2

FIGURE 2: Neutral Package SCV Valve RE560091 Fitting on John Deere
(Courtesy of Ningbo Henshine Precision Machinery Co., Ltd)

RE560091 John Deere Control Valve

                     RE560091 Suction Control Valve fitting on John Deere| Ningbo Henshine

The Suction Control Valve RE560091 is generally installed at the inlet of the high-pressure fuel pump. It is a proportional solenoid valve, controlled by the electronic control unit (ECU), which can control the amount of oil entering the high-pressure fuel pump, thereby controlling the oil pressure in the common rail pipe. The good work of this component can not only ensure that the vehicle can run normally but also enable the engine to run in the most fuel-efficient state to achieve the effect of saving fuel.


OEM suction control valve

Package & Shipment:

Condition:                                 Brand NEW

Manufacturer Part Number:    RE534109, RE532250, DZ111137

Other Numbers:                        

Brand:                                       HENSHINE

Material:                                    plastic, iron

Delivery time:                           1-3days

Colour:                                      Silver

Surface Finish:                         High Quality

Placement on Vehicle:             Hino truck J08E Isuzu, Mitsubishi FH/FK/FM 6M60T, J05E, J08E

Pump:                                       2940**-0560,294***-0562,29****-0564

John Deere Num. :                    RE527528 NLA; ORDER RE507959;Replace RE522595


                                                  SE501916 Remanufacture RE527528

Replaced                                   RE 534109, RE 532250, DZ 111137

Type:                                          Suction Control Valve/ SCV

Packing:                                    No 3/4 Natural Box & Henshine Box

Warranty:                                  1 year

Min Order:                                 1pc

Production Capacity:               3200 pcs per month

Means of Transport:                 Ocean, Land, Air

Payments:                                 Visa, Mastercard, T/T, Online Transfer, Cash on pickup

A fuel pressure regulator, also named a suction control valve, or SCV valve, helps maintain the fuel pressure in the Electronic Fuel Injection System.  If the fuel injection system needs more fuel pressure, the fuel pressure regulator releases more fuel to go to the engine. This is vital because that is how the fuel gets to the injectors.  Blocking the pass-through to the fuel tank off completely, the fuel pump will try to force too much fuel into the injectors which will cause them to fail and you will end up needing another auto repair service.

As you could see, the pressure regulator plays a critical role in the common rail diesel injection system.

It's important to choose a good factory, a good supplier with stable quality and follows IATF16949 rules strictly.  After being tested by many of our customers in Europe and the Americas, this pressure regulator is a good replacement for OE diesel parts, like RE560091 Diesel Metering Valve.

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