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  • If you have a metering valve adjustment device. Use the suction control valve adjusting device (signal generator) on the pump to adjust the driving current of the suction control valve to see the change of rail pressure.The diesel suction control valve can be removed from the pump, and the driving current of the valve can be adjusted by the suction control valve common rail diesel adjusting device (signal generator) to see the movement of the spool.

  • In a diesel electronically controlled high-pressure common rail injection system, the common rail pressure control valve plays a very important role. As the first "checkpoint" of the high-pressure oil circuit, it is also a common wearing part in addition to the fuel injector when the engine is in use.

  • Nissan Navara Suction Control Valve,SCV Nissan Navara,Nissan Navara pressure suction control valve A6860-VM09A

  • Because the engine ECU controls the injection system including injection pressure, injection rate and injection timing, it is not affected by engine speed or load. This can ensure that a stable injection pressure is always maintained, especially in the low engine speed range, and can greatly reduce the amount of black smoke usually emitted by diesel engines during start-up and acceleration. Therefore, exhaust emissions are cleaner and reduced, and a higher power output is achieved.

  • Diesel engine fuel metering unit inspectionAfter the fuel metering unit is disassembled, it is mainly composed of the following parts. The electromagnetic coil is integrated into the shell. Front iron gasket. case. Piston, spring, adjusting washer.There are two types of fuel metering units: normally

  • For the sake of environmental protection, most excavators are now electronic fuel injection vehicles. We often encounter various alarm codes, and these alarms are mostly caused by sensor or solenoid valve failure. The following are the positions and functions of ten sensors and solenoid valves on the engine. When an alarm code appears on the excavator and the meaning of the code is understood, it can be checked and replaced according to the position of the sensor and solenoid valve.

  • High/Low Pressure Oli Passage of the Engine(IMV), Adjust the opening of the valve to control the amount of fuel flowing into the high-pressure fuel pump. When the control signal is not applied, the amount of fuel in the high-pressure fuel pump is the largest.

  • Technicians need to understand fuel rail pressure control on common rail diesel (CRD). In order to operate efficiently on common rail diesel (CRD), the correct fuel pressure must be maintained under all driving and load conditions. To do this, use the intake control valve (SCV) or fuel metering control valve (FMCV) operated by the ECU located on the back of the high-pressure fuel pump.

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