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How to choose a good supplier of the Rail pressure limiting valve for company reputation?

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What is a common rail pressure limiting valve?

Common rail technology refers to an oil supply method that completely separates the generation of injection pressure and the injection process from each other in a closed-loop system composed of a high-pressure oil pump, a pressure sensor and an ECU.


It delivers high-pressure fuel to the public fuel supply pipe by the high-pressure fuel pump. By accurately controlling the oil pressure in the common fuel supply pipe, the pressure of the high-pressure fuel pipe has nothing to do with the engine speed, and can greatly reduce the diesel engine fuel supply pressure with the engine speed. Therefore, the defects of traditional diesel engines are reduced.


The two core technologies in the automotive industry are common rail technology and related precision manufacturing equipment, which have successively achieved breakthroughs in independent research and development by China, and China will embark on a new course of independent control of common rail technology and industry.


In order to ensure safe operation, a pressure limiting valve is set in the common rail system. The fuel pressure limiting valve can keep the pressure in the oil circuit constant. It is a diaphragm inside the pressure regulator that controls the opening and closing of the pressure valve.


Common Rail Pressure Limiting Valve

Common Rail Pressure Limiting Valve


If the oil pressure is lower than a certain value, the pressure valve is closed and the oil pump is pressurized. Increase the pressure in the oil circuit. When the increase exceeds the specified pressure, the diaphragm opens, and the overpressured fuel flows back to the fuel tank through the oil return line, which acts as a decompression.


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Which manufactures the common rail?

At present, several companies in the world are mainly developing and producing high-pressure common rail systems for diesel engines, such as Yanmar in Japan, Bosch in Germany, and Delphi in the United States. Common rail systems open up new ways to reduce diesel engine emissions and noise. Due to its strong technical potential, today's major manufacturers have locked their sights on the common rail system.


Yanmar is a Japanese diesel engine manufacturer with a history of more than 100 years. The engines manufactured by the company are widely used in: marine vessels, construction equipment, agricultural equipment and generator sets.





Bosch is one of Germany's industrial companies operating in the automotive and intelligent transportation technology, industrial technology, consumer goods and energy and building technology industries. When the 25-year-old Robert Bosch founded the company in Stuttgart in 1886, he positioned the company as a "factory for precision mechanics and electrical engineering".





Headquartered in Stuttgart, southern Germany, Bosch employs more than 230,000 people in more than 50 countries. Bosch is known worldwide for its innovative cutting-edge products and system solutions.


Delphi Parker Electric Co., Ltd. was founded in 1890 and is headquartered in Warren, Ohio, USA. It is the world's largest manufacturer of automotive wiring harness systems and a Fortune 500 company. The company supplies almost all major domestic vehicle manufacturers, including FAW-Volkswagen, General Motors, Shanghai Volkswagen, Dongfeng Nissan, Chery, etc.





How to find the pressure relief valve corresponding to the engine?

First you need to know the manufacturer and serial number of the engine, in the form of: Toyota N04C-T 4000CC, Hyundai D4HB. Secondly, you can find a suitable pressure relief valve by OE number, EPC, and exploded view.


Common Rail Pressure Release For Bosch Common Rail System


Common Rail Pressure Release For Bosch Common Rail System


You can find these needed information on Genuine Parts, please make sure to order the correct auto parts for your vehicle, if you are unsure or don't know, please contact us. Provide us with your vehicle's VIN#, year, make, model, and our engineers will double-check and verify the assembly for you.


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Why do we recommend China Manufacturers with fuel pressure limiting valves?

Under the circumstance of globalization of automobile production, many automobile manufacturers choose to carry out global procurement of auto parts. The advantage of global procurement is that it can make full use of the competitive advantages of parts worldwide and obtain the most reasonable products. Nowadays, global procurement of auto parts has become the development trend of the auto industry.


In recent years, with the rapid development of China's auto industry, China's auto parts manufacturing business also shows a rapid growth trend. Chinese auto parts manufacturers have taken the lead in global procurement, and major global vehicle manufacturers have increased their procurement efforts in the Chinese market.


With the continuous improvement of technology, scale and brand of Chinese auto parts enterprises, China's auto parts export will continue to grow.



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