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Top 5 Pressure Discharge Valve Element Manufacturer

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Maxzz diesel was founded in Florida in 2013. With all its experience, skills and transparency, the company can provide customers with excellent service and extensive technical knowledge. Maxzz diesel has established business relations with customers all over the world, including Latin America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Maxzz diesel's goal is not only to sell parts, but also to improve customers' business performance.


Diesel Levante

Diesel Levante


Diesel Levante, founded in 1988, is a company specializing in the wholesale and distribution of diesel injection pumps, parts and injectors. The company completes its supply specialization by adding turbochargers and related components to diesel injection products. Major investments in equipment and training led diesel Levante to open a turbocharger regeneration and maintenance laboratory in the same year. Technical expertise and expertise will support the marketing and distribution of products.


In April 2000, the company opened a new headquarters in modugno (BA). 700 square meters of modern facilities, including efficient spare parts warehouse, spacious and comfortable office and very modern laboratory equipped with high-tech equipment. Operators in this field and other important public institutions recognize diesel Levante as an ideal partner for purchasing parts and technical assistance in the diesel injection and turbocharger business.


Diesel Levante has more than 25 years of experience and now serves more than 6000 customers in more than 70 countries around the world. It is recognized as a leader in quality, service and competitiveness at home and abroad. Diesel Levante SRL is one of the most important distribution and maintenance companies in Europe for diesel injection and turbocharger products, parts, components and equipment.


The Lee Company

The Lee Company


The Lee company was founded in 1948. The first product of Lee company was Lee plug ®, This is a product developed to solve specific customer problems. In more than 70 years after this invention, the company has continuously created and developed new, innovative and breakthrough products to solve customer problems.


The company is the original inventor of dozens of unique microfluidic control products and technologies that have existed and still exist in everything from the cars and planes you use for transportation to medical devices that help diagnose and treat diseases. They also play a key role in outer space satellites thousands of miles away and oil wells several miles below the surface.


The Lee company prides itself on solving the industry's toughest problems. Thanks to its large global network of technical sales engineers, the company is able to work with customers locally - taking time to understand their problems and solving them as a team. They work with each customer to determine what needs to be done, make plans, and then propose solutions to solve their problems and help them achieve success. Their passion and experience in solving complex problems is the reason why industry leaders have been relying on our engineering products and support for more than 70 years.





WITT gasetechnik is a manufacturer of gas related equipment that meets the highest quality requirements. It began about 75 years ago as a flashback arrester for cutting and welding.


Today, WITT offers a full range of gas safety and control equipment. These products include gas mixers, gas analyzers and metering systems, as well as packaged leak detection systems. With these diverse products, WITT has developed from a two person business to a global market leader.


WITT is headquartered in WITTen, Germany. More than half of the turnover comes from exports. WITT is still a family business and now operates globally through its subsidiaries and partners. Customers' requirements and requirements are the core of their activities. They expect to establish long-term partnership with customers and suppliers on a fair basis. As a truly international company, the company embraces all cultures.


WITT products are only manufactured in Germany. A highly vertically integrated modern production process is a prerequisite for achieving the highest product standards and long service life. The flat management structure and professional and aggressive employees are another factor to meet the high standards of WITT.


Ningbo Henshine Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd.

Ningbo Henshine Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd.


Ningbo Hengsheng Precision Machinery Co., Ltd., founded in 2012, is a global auto parts supplier. It mainly develops, manufactures and sells precision parts such as diesel high-pressure common rail system solenoid valves, automobile refrigeration systems, industrial solenoid valves, etc. The main items are: SCV fuel control valve and high-pressure common rail control valve. Henshine precision has more than 60 employees and more than 20 senior technicians and engineers. The daily output of solenoid valve is about 2000pcs for each valve.


Henshine precision adopts the latest materials, the world's leading surface treatment and advanced precision machining technology. It has a leading edge in product design, R & D, production and performance testing. Especially in the field of diesel engine, the company has its own unique technology. Henshine precision's vision is to become the world's leading supplier of core components for diesel engine systems! We sincerely welcome friends from all walks of life to visit us, and we will go hand in hand to create brilliance!

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