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What does the suction control valve actually do?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-04-21      Origin: Site

The intake control valve in the common rail fuel system basically ACTS as the throttle for the fuel pump, saving energy in the system by allowing only the required amount of fuel to be fed through the system. When non-professional technicians attempt to diagnose a common rail diesel fault, the oil suction control valve is usually ignored, and in many cases the oil suction control valve should be the starting point.

The suction control valve operates within strict tolerances, as do all other parts of the later common rail diesel injection system. Fuel contamination and wear in the valve mean that the ECU cannot command the correct fuel pressure to the injector. Keep in mind that the pressure inside the fuel rail is incredible (thousands of psi), and that valve failure means that the pressure fluctuations are very large, which makes sense and should be the first point of suspicion for technicians when diagnosing a common-rail diesel fault involving the ability to drive.

Some of our customers have experienced trucks going into "taxiing mode", often because the fuel pressure has changed in one way or another beyond the limits set by the ECU. After hundreds of stops, turning off the switch and restarting to reset the computer, it's time to go to the store, where you can find professionals who start with suction control valves (not cheap, but not expensive) or you'll get the right injector for you. The fact is that in the performance of common rail diesel engine fault diagnosis involves driving, should replace the suction valve is the place that you want to check first, because it is relatively cheap, and as we said before, it is wearing parts, like the injector, and deleted from the common rail diesel maintenance projects list, is a good thing in itself.

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