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Why is precise machinery so hard to manufacture?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-11-06      Origin: Site

Why is precise machinery so hard to manufacture?

Because the production of any precision machinery cannot be produced 100% without error, just as humans cannot produce an absolutely smooth and frictionless surface.

The precision of precision machinery consists of two parts, one is processing accuracy and the other is measurement accuracy.

The machining accuracy of mechanical equipment will only be lost but not increased, and the machining accuracy depends on the accuracy of the working machine of the processing machinery. For example, an accuracy error of one thousandth of a millimeter can only produce parts with an error greater than one thousandth, but not parts with an error less than one thousandth of a millimeter. So this is very strict on technology and production machinery and equipment. Accuracy cannot be superimposed. Components assembled with high-precision parts can only get medium-precision components. If you want high-precision equipment, you must manufacture nearly perfect ultra-high-precision components.

In terms of testing level, this also has strict technical requirements. It is necessary to control the pass rate of standard parameters to ensure quality. It also requires high precision of mechanical equipment.

We use the latest equipment and professional tools. This is also one of the reasons why we are comparable to the original factory in quality.

We have our own set of algorithms for measuring standards.Our systems technicians use measuring equipment by our own unique technology and original factory data to accurately read out the valve management fault data,  and the selection process of each product in its material assembly is very demanding, requiring accuracy to the specified value.

Each of our specialists attends the course of applications at least twice a year, to ensure that they are completely up to date with the latest technical developments and can make use of the latest techniques. 

How to find high-precision precision fuel metering valve?

So we know that even a little fittings of the Common Rail System, such as 45PP3-1, or 1110010015, 8-98032549-0, it`s not easy to reach a level of excellent quality, to find qualified prodcuts and to choose a right manufacturer.



New 1 110 010 015 Fuel Rail Pressure Relief Limiter Valve For Kia Iveco HONDA CI

New 1 110 010 015 Fuel Rail Pressure Relief Limiter Valve For Kia Iveco HONDA CI


Fuel Rail Pressure Relief Limiter Valve 8-98032549-0 for 4HK1 6HK1 J05 J08

Seek Reliable Buyers

If you want to be a full range and considered a professional supplier, it is vital that you can provide a complete series of components even a small  accessory.

We provide customers with a competitive advantage at the after-sales price of the factory and support them in marketing, especially in the after-sales market.

As the repairs of original parts are very expensive, some lesser-known brands dare not try it easily. Therefore, few manufacturers who take quality as their corporate standard choose to boldly initiate trade cooperation invitations with customers who have product needs. We focus on quality and eliminate the possibility of returning products for customers to eliminate quality problems.

In production and manufacturing, we only use the data and standards against Genuine Spare Parts, and then through thousands of experiments, data comparisons and more than 20 years of market experience.

Our plan includes hundreds of diesel common rail system accessories for different models and diesel engines, which can be shipped within 24 hours. No matter which model or series, we must achieve the quality of original parts. Then expand the product category and technical scope on the basis of professional, precise and comprehensive.

All of our Inlet Metering Valve & Pressure Limiting Valve are always equipped with sealing kits. They are professionally tested for the third time before delivery. Last, a customized package & label are acceptable.




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