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The Best Fuel Suction Control Valve Manufacturer in China [2021]

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-03-03      Origin: Site

If you are looking for a reliable suction control valve manufacturer. How to choose the best manufacturer, consider factors including the reliability of the counterparty, delivery date, price, etc. The quality of the product is undoubtedly very important!

The Advantages of buying suction control valve from China

  • Many statistics show that people all over the world are increasingly choosing made in China.

  • You can buy high-quality products at ultra-low wholesale prices.

  • Low MOQ suppliers are available. 

  • Have a better customer experience. It is clear that Chinese products packaging is better, and the after-sales service is very good.

How to find the top fuel suction control valve manufacturers in China?

  • Google: Through related keyword search, the websites with high comprehensive index will be displayed on the results page in order.

  • Alibaba: Alibaba is a global wholesale platform. Products are mainly provided by sub-suppliers in China, so there are millions of products there.

  • Aliexpress: AliExpress is the global retail market.

  • Amazon: It is currently one of the world's largest Internet online retailers. The price is inappropriate for those who need wholesale.

  • Made-In-China: A platform for Chinese products facing the global market.

You can find and verify the information of Chinese manufacturers on these websites, and verify the reliability of the merchants through the display of information on multiple platforms. If you find your favorite manufacturer on Google or these B2B platforms. It is very necessary to check its import and export license. General platforms or their websites will have relevant certificates and certifications, so you can definitely find them in the database of the General Administration of Customs.

In addition to learning how to find these excellent Chinese fuel metering unit manufacturers and verify their reliability. We also need to examine them from the perspective of products!

How to choose suction control valve manufacturers to avoid complaints?

While looking for the best manufacturer, you must also be looking for how to identify the credibility of the manufacturer, and at the same time ask such questions: How to distinguish the quality of the product?

Therefore, we have compiled a few simple ways to distinguish product quality. You can refer to the following points:

Quality Resolution

Some minor process details are not only for distinguishing the difference from the original parts, but also for quality requirements in actual use. The surface of the product is very smooth without any treatment, which is a manifestation of cutting corners. 


Therefore, the cost of such products is often relatively cheap, but the return rate is quite high. There are few wise dealers, Wholesalers will continue to place orders, so it is not easy to find suitable and trustworthy manufacturers.


Secondly, the Injection Coil is also the key, take 0928 400 617 as an example

IMV 0928 400 617 for Cummins 5257595 Fuel Inlet Metering Valve on injection pump 0445020023 617 674 487


Why trust Henshine's suction control valve?

Material Selection

The quality of the coil can be distinguished by naked eyes. The density of the injection material can be observed from the roughness of the surface. The worse the material, the more uneven the blending, and the surface will have a matte texture, which will increase the possibility of product ageing.

Press & Fold

Once the pressing precision is not high (manufacturers without certain technology and inexperience), it will lead to a shortened product life. If your customer replaces the parts with poor quality, it will not take long for the fuel metering unit to leak oil, which will lead to the engine idling. This is a problem with a high probability that under extreme temperature conditions, it is also very dangerous consequences.

Some manufacturers even apply glue around the coil, which is extremely dangerous. The glue may melt, causing oil leakage and serious consequences.

Our technology and Experience

For the accurate flow curve, the manufacturer will adjust strictly according to the original quality standards for different customer markets, because the use environment of the vehicle is different.

Domestically recognized high-quality products

We are a supplier of many domestic and foreign companies, and our products are not cheap and low-quality products. But it has high quality and price advantage! It is recognized as an excellent suction control valve manufacturer in China.

About after-sale

Our service has a one-year warranty period, but it does not mean that other inferior products can be mixed in, each product has its own independent serial number, so the after-sales situation of each product will be corresponding and recorded, and we recommend customers Use clean fuel to avoid damage to the metering valve.


Once a return happened, we will take it very seriously. We must track down the quality of the product and feature the reason in the report. This is related to the reputation of cooperating with customers. Henshine has always been based on quality. If it is the quality itself, we will reissue high-quality products for corresponding compensation, but the fact is that it is basically due to the quality and cleanliness of the oil used by the customer Caused by problems. The genuine factory is valuable to believe.

Other questions you might ask about fuel control valve

Will the fuel control valve affect the power of the car?

IMV-0-928-400-617-used-on -Bosch-CP1-Inlet-Metering-Regulating-Valve -617-of-fuel-injection-pump-0445020023

  • Suction control valve SCV fault will lack power

  • When the problem has taken on the vehicle, the suction control valve is usually ignored. SCV 1920.QK will soon be affected by contaminated fuel and dirt, which may cause the vehicle's electronic control unit (ECU) to cause surging and other symptoms, such as "coasting mode."

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