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Diesel common rail system parts
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Nissan Navara Suction Control Valve

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The suction control valve is responsible for controlling the fuel pressure inside the common rail engine. Because they use very small tolerances in the moving parts, they will soon be affected by contaminated fuel and dirt, which will cause ECU to cause surges and other adverse effects.

Nissan Navara pressure suction control valve A6860-VM09A

  • The suction control valve of SCV Nissan Navara YD25.

  • Part number: 1460A037, 1460A037T, 294200-0360 294009-0250, 294009-0251

  • Compatible Nissan part numbers: A6860-VM09A and A6860-EC09A

  • Mitsubishi part number: 1460A137

  • Isuzu/Holden part number: 8-98145453-0 / 98145453294009-0360; 294009-0260; 294009-0160

  • Includes free washers, seals and screws! 2-pin connector, new and boxed, easy installation-direct replacement.


The Nissan Navarra intake control valve position or fuel metering control valve is located on the back of the high-pressure supply pump.

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Common faults of Nissan Navara

Once the electronic control engine fails, the fuel metering unit is often stuck due to valve body wear. In turn, the vehicle will have troubles such as difficulty in establishing rail pressure, difficulty in starting, intermittent flameout, and the speed limit at 1500 rpm.

The Nissan navara suction control valve is conductive when the control coil is not energized, which is what we call a normally open solenoid valve, which can provide the fuel pump with the maximum flow of fuel. ECU changes the high-pressure oil pump through the pulse signal, and the cross-sectional area of the oil intake increases or decreases the oil volume.

Here we understand nissan navara suction control valve as an electromagnetic switch, which controls the conduction of the oil path leading to the oil pump. When the switch is turned on when the power is off, the oil supply to the oil pump is the largest. On the contrary, when the Nissan Navara Suction Control Valve is at the zero oil supply position, the oil supply to the oil pump should be zero.

Nissan navara suction control valve is a precision component. If the maintenance is improper or the inferior quality filter element is used, it will often cause excessive moisture or impurities in the fuel, which will cause the nissan navara suction control valve core to wear or jam, and cause the engine to fail to work normally.

Simple failure case analysis of nissan navara suction control valve

For example, during the downhill deceleration process of an electronically controlled common rail engine, the engine will enter the deceleration cut-off mode, that is, it will cut off the fuel injection of the injector. At this time, the fuel metering solenoid valve should be completely closed to prevent the fuel rail pressure from continuing. Elevated.

However, if the nissan navara suction control valve is stuck and cannot be completely closed, the rail pressure will continue to rise, causing the common rail to be too high, and the drain valve (pressure limiting valve) will be forcibly opened. At this time, the temperature of the hand-touched oil return line is obviously high, the engine will enter the fault protection state and the engine power speed will be limited.

The normal and effective operation of the electronic control system is inseparable from scientific and reasonable maintenance. The nissan navara suction control valve is generally integrated and installed on the oil pump and is not allowed to be disassembled at will.

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