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How to find correct auto parts for my car?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-03-17      Origin: Site

You can find your auto parts type in the following three ways.

  • VIN

  • Part Number(OE number)

  • Car name, model, etc.

The correct parts and accessories can be inquired according to the number number of the auto parts. So we have to know how to check my part number. In addition to the specific part numbers, we can also make specific queries through the car name and model to obtain the corresponding replaceable parts.

Find suitable auto parts by car frame number

The frame number is the vehicle identification code. Correctly interpreting the VIN code is very important for us to correctly identify the vehicle, diagnose and repair the vehicle.

The vehicle identification code is the identification number of the car. It is determined according to the national vehicle management standards and contains information such as the manufacturer, year, model, body type and code, engine code, and assembly location of the vehicle. The new driving license usually prints the VIN code in the "frame number" column.

The frame number VIN is generally located at the lower-left corner of the front windshield, or near the B-pillar of the front passenger door. It can be seen when the front passenger door is opened. It is more conspicuous. It is also located on the nameplate of the engine compartment. Of course, there is also a steel stamped frame number on the chassis. 

Where to find the VIN

No two vehicles can have the same VIN. Once the vehicle's VIN is decoded, it will provide information about the vehicle manufacturer, the year and region where the manufacturer is located, and its model and variant information.

Therefore, VIN is the most reliable way to identify car make and model. This will ensure that you receive parts that are guaranteed to fit your vehicle.

Similar to our ID card, every digit of the car's VIN exactly represents the relevant information of the car.

  • The first character in VIN can be a letter or number, which can tell you the geographic area of the source.

  • The second and third place represent the vehicle manufacturer and the exact location.

  • The fourth to eighth digits represent the brand of the car, the size of the engine, and the type of vehicle.

  • The ninth digit is a check digit to prove that VIN is not forged.

  • The tenth place represents the year of manufacture of the car.

  • The eleventh digit indicates which factory actually assembled the car.

  • The last six digits represent the production or serial number of the car, which is what makes the VIN specific to that particular car.

Find suitable auto parts by OE number

OE is a unified code name for accessories, generally determined by the production trademark. Auto parts wholesalers, agents, distributors, auto repair shops, and parts users can quickly locate specific parts through this OE number, which is very important for parts procurement.

In countries where the automobile manufacturing industry is developed, in order to facilitate the management of parts and components, each automobile manufacturer uses a different number for each part of each model to distinguish and classify, this number is the OE number.

Each OE manufacturer has a different numbering scheme. For example, F1DU-10300-AD is the number of Ford, 0-124-325-003 is the number of BOSCH Bosch, and 10479923 is the number of DELCO De Keremi.

Each OE number corresponds to a unique product, but because the same product is assembled on different car models, there may be several different OE numbers.

 The abbreviation of Auto Parts OE Inquiry System (TecDoc) is mainly used to inquire about auto parts OEM information. OE is a unified code for accessories, which is generally determined by the production trademark. Auto parts wholesalers , agents, distributors, auto repair shops, and parts users can quickly locate specific parts through this OE number, which is very important for parts procurement.

The information output by the OE query includes accessory name, accessory 4S price, accessory picture, accessory installation EPC diagram, and the car model to which the accessory fits.

Through the OE number, you can query the type of the product (generator, starter, or motor parts), specific performance and detailed parameters, and you can also know the specific car brand, model series, factory year, and corresponding specific model of the engine.

The OE number is used as an important index mark for querying information. Therefore, the OE number in the search engine is used as an important search condition, allowing searchers to quickly and accurately query supply and demand information.

oe number

You can see the OE number printed on each part of your car. When purchasing, you can directly search for the OE number parts you need and the common parts.

How to check the auto parts code online? 

The basic information of the vehicle and all the accessories of the vehicle can be queried through the frame number. Car part number query, many mobile phone software can query. Or check on the online website. Knowing the correct auto parts model you need, you can easily choose the auto parts you need on E-Bay, Amazon, Alibaba, Made-in-china, Aliexpress or other platforms.

The following are three websites for you to filter and search for your vehicles parts online.

DT Spare Parts

DT Spare Parts

You can search by car name or product OE number. Their products are relatively complete for BOSCH, especially the common rail system-fuel pump-components, there are many product models we produce.


As long as you type OE Number, you could find the products with many brands, a good platform to buy spare parts.


Most of the vehicles parts could be found here. It would be satisfying to find most of the parts which you are looking for a car brand.

How to choose high-quality auto parts

6 Well-known auto parts manufacturers


Focus on electric heating control units such as glow plugs and spark plugs. Support the development and manufacturing of high-quality ignition components.

Dana Inc.

Dana Incorporated is a very mature auto parts manufacturer whose main products are power transmission systems.

Visteon Corporation

Committed to designing, engineering and manufacturing innovative electronic products, especially car cockpit electronic products designed for car manufacturers.


A nice e-shop with full components & spare parts of the fuel injection system.


The product range includes exhaust pressure sensors, timing and revolution sensors, oil pressure switches and transmitters, temperature and pressure sensors, ignition coils, ignition leads, glow plugs, thermostats, solenoids, knock sensors and electric valves, etc.


Specializing in the production of car whole series suction control valves, fuel inlet metering valve, pressure limiter valve. OEM & ODM manufacturer,full OE numbers, common rail system supporting.

If you are not familiar with your car, just check the VIA number on the car and provide it to the manufacturer of the parts you need. They will find your part OE number and provide you with the corresponding product parts, including Interchangeable OE Numbers products.

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