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Diesel common rail system parts
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Common faults and causes in common rail system

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-09-06      Origin: Site

Failure phenomenon of mechanical parts damage

Oil level sensor, when your oil level display is inaccurate, it is possible that the electronic components in it are damaged, for example, it is always full and displays 00%. At the same time, there will be a phenomenon that the sensor and the oil pipe interface are not well sealed, causing air to enter and making it difficult to ignite.

Diesel filter element, when the air is in it, for example, the diesel filter must be emptied after changing, otherwise it will be difficult to ignite, or even fail to ignite, drivers know.

In the fuel metering unit, the engine fault light is on. The common fault is that the engine is weak, and there is water in the commonly used private oil or diesel, which will cause the internal jam of the fuel metering unit.

The high-pressure oil pump, the high-pressure oil pump are damaged, the internal embolism is stuck, the oil is not discharged directly, the high and low pressure rail ports are not discharged with diesel, and the fire cannot be caught.

High-pressure common rail pipes generally have poor sealing and oil leakage. The oil path is not smooth, and our card friends directly feel that the vehicle is running unsteadily, the vehicle is swaying, and it feels that there are times when the oil enters.

Pressure limiting valve, common faults The pressure limiting valve is normally open, the engine fault light is on, and the vehicle is weak.

The fuel injector, the engine is abnormally shaken, the power is insufficient, the acceleration is slow, the vehicle is easy to stall and there is black smoke at the exhaust pipe.

Damaged electrical components and common failure phenomena

Rail pressure sensor, engine failure light is on, vehicle is weak, difficult to start or unable to start.

Camshaft sensor, the vehicle is difficult to start, or cannot be started, the engine fault light is always on under idling conditions, and it suddenly turns off when it is walking.

Crankshaft position sensor, idling speed tremor, occasional flameout, difficult to start.

The typical phenomenon of the accelerator pedal is that the vehicle cannot be refueled. When the vehicle cannot refuel, check whether the thread of the accelerator pedal is properly inserted.

The computer version, the computer version is the brain of the vehicle, if it is damaged, it will cause a series of failures. In addition to disconnecting the computer version when welding, it is also necessary to prevent the vehicle from being exposed to a humid environment for a long time, causing internal components to corrode.

To sum up

In terms of machinery, if the oil system is not tightly sealed, it will be difficult to ignite if the air enters, or there will be flameout or vehicle movement when the middle of the fuel line is not clear.

In terms of electricity, if the sensor is damaged, the engine will be weak, and it will be difficult to stop and start; if you can’t refuel, just look at the accelerator pedal; when welding, you must disconnect the computer version plug, and usually pay attention to maintenance to avoid the computer version. Corrosion of electronic components.

When everyone encounters the engine failure light and the vehicle is weak, you can have a general judgment based on the basic phenomenon shown by the vehicle. You have a bottom of your heart and don’t panic in case of trouble. You can go directly to the vehicle without the warranty period. The service station performs repairs, even after the warranty period has passed.

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