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Injection System Valve 0 928 400 677

High quality Injection System Valve 0 928 400 677 Made in China
  • 0928400677 SCV Fuel Injector Pump Metering Valve
    No:0 928 400 677
    Fuel Metering Unit for CHRYSLER 0928400677
    Fuel Metering Unit ZME 0928400677 for CHRYSLER MERCEDES-BENZ.
    When the fuel metering valve is not activated, its internal spring maintains a fuel pressure of about 100 Bar. When the valve is activated, the force of the electromagnet aids the spring, reducing the opening of the valve and so increasing fuel pressure. The valve also acts as a mechanical pressure damper, smoothing the high frequency pressure pulses emanating from the radial piston pump when less than three pistons are activated.