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Diesel common rail system parts
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1110010029 Diesel Engine Common Rail Parts

Applicable:Bosch Common Rail System
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Pressure relief valves for common rail fuel systems, including:

A soft metal valve body, the inner surface of which defines a high-pressure channel separated from a low-pressure channel by a tapered valve seat;

An adapter connected to the soft metal valve body to define a low pressure chamber, which is fluidly connected to the discharge port;

Hard ceramic spherical valve member, which is in contact with the conical valve seat and has an open hydraulic surface exposed to fluid pressure in the high-pressure passage;

A soft metal pin guide, the concave surface of which is in contact with the ceramic ball valve component, wherein the yield contact area between the ceramic ball valve component and the concave surface matches the spherical shape of the ceramic ball valve component to distribute load.

The spring is compressed in the low pressure cavity between the soft metal pin guide and the adapter;

The thickness of the gasket in contact with the spring is set to the pre-tightening force on the spring to limit the opening pressure of the valve;

Wherein, when the pressure in the high-pressure passage on the opening hydraulic surface exceeds the valve opening pressure, the ceramic spherical valve member is out of contact with the conical valve seat.

Type:  Common Rail System Pressure Relief Valve

Applicable:  Bosch Common Rail System

OE Parts Number:  1 110 010 029

Quality:  Newest & Good a+++

Lead Time:  Within 1-3 Days

Specification:  Standard Size

Origin:  Made in China

Warranty:  12 Months

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